Series description

AAI products' series with detailed description

With pride, and in all modesty, we can say that the Maestoso 2 product series represents the pinnacle of today's possibilities. In terms of positive impact on sound, this is a unique series of inimitable products. The use of these products takes the sound of any system or component to a new, unknown level. This has been achieved in particular by improving our unique technology (IST) for processing and modifying the electrical and mechanical properties of materials. From our point of view, the only way to get a realistic idea of this revolutionary act is through personal experience. Therefore, we do not provide technical information.

As the name of the second series of AAI components suggests, the cables in this series provide a phenomenal uncompromising music experience. They evoke a deep emotional experience of a realistic, perfectly authentic sound image full of very detailed, but still audible sound shades of vibrating human voices or acoustic instruments set in a consistent and vast 3D space. AAI Maestoso is like the perfect tuner for a musical instrument. It does not provide more than a given tool can provide, it does not color, it does not embellish, but it provides the maximum that the given tool hides in itself. Maestoso reveals music in its natural beauty, grandeur and mystery, so it is an ideal partner for lovers of classical music and jazz, regardless of your musical composition.

The third series of AAI audio cables brings the feeling of perfect three-dimensional space with a unique resolution of instruments and human voices while maintaining their color authenticity. The cables from the Vittorioso series draw the listener even more into the recording, creating a very plastic and detailed map of the reproduced music without any sign of dry expression. Improved micro dynamics create a great platform for more details to stand out, reverberations are even longer and form the basis for a deeper emotional perception of a musical work.