Frequently Asked Questions

1Copper or silver, and why?
For conductor AAI is using high purity sliver-plated copper and pure silver. The conductors are solid core for we found that stranded wires have unpredictable behavior due to strand EM interactions. We use proprietary dielectric and shielding materials that are a secret of our cable kitchen. Specifically, for the power cable the silver-plated copper was employed; this choice was the result of our personal preferences during listening tests. In the interconnect, for instance, pure silver solid core conductors are used. All materials are modified with the IST technology.
2Are the plugs sourced from Furutech?
Like any other part of a cable the terminations can play a major role in the final performance. We have scrutinized many of the OEM power plugs including the Furutech’s top models and have found their performance unsatisfactorily. The next logical step was to look for a proprietary solution. The plugs are made to our specifications and further modified, including the aforementioned IST treatment. We believe they sound amazing. It is true that Furutech is still acknowledged by many as the final word in plugs. This is not our opinion and our terminations not only are better performing but they are cheaper too.
3What is unique about our products?
We try hard to achieve that our products improve the sound in a balanced way. There are no trade-offs, all the significant and audible improvements in what the listener hears preserve the musicality and the natural sound of recorded instruments and voices. AAI cables can also work great as passive parallel filters – they can be connected to unused power sockets to improve the sound of the whole system. The hi-fi enthusiasts are always surprised by how competitive a small brand like the AAI can be.